The Soulstice Sisterhood

We’re experiencing a RIPE moment in history where more and more conscious babes are hearing the call to stand up for what they believe in, speak their truth, and be of deeper service through their heart-driven work. 

As we’re answering this call, many of us are receiving the DIVINE nudge to operate our businesses, experience our workdays, and LEAD our lives in a DIFFERENT way…

In a way that NOURISHES verses depletes, honors the WISDOM of our ancestors, and where we’re surrounded by a SUPPORTIVE community of compassionate women – releasing isolation, fear, BURNOUT and doubt along the entrepreneurial and leadership paths. 

The Soulstice Sisterhood is an invitation to slow down, drop inward, center your truest desires, and fully embody the truth of who you are at the core in 2023.


The Soulstice Sisterhood is an experiential Self-Care, Seasonal Lifestyle & Support Circle for Women in Leadership & Entrepreneurship in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • This supportive circle is for any heart-centered leader who’d like to influence with alignment, confidence, passion and purpose in her personal and professional life.
  • Any change-making business owner who desires to work less, make more income and sync her business with the cycles of nature for long-term sustainability.
  • Any holistic or creative space-holder who’s ready to incorporate nature-based ritual and ancient feminine practices into her toolkit.
  • And any conscious change-maker who’d like to replenish her reserves and experience less stress while making a positive impact through her soul’s work.
  • The most valuable aspect of the Soulstice Sisterhood has been the gradual and deep learning around the different times of year. Exploring the theme, discussions, relevant rituals, even colors that correlate with different parts of the year have now been ingrained in me. I know how to guide myself next year - when it’s time to rest, time to plant seeds, time to celebrate, time to harvest and time to let go. I'm a lot more clear, feel way more supported, feel like I'm the most aligned that I have ever been. I also feel focused, as if my year was a complete story and not a series of events.

    Alaina Hernandez

    Bodyworker and Artist, Sebastopol, CA

  • What has shifted for me the most during the Soulstice Sisterhood is that I actually FEEL that I am not alone in my journey. It can sometime feel isolating as a entrepreneur. Being able to have these deeper conversations, not just about business, but what it is like to be a woman in a Conscious Business, has been incredibly helpful. I feel so supported and so so loved. It truly is a Sisterhood.

    Danielle Hall

    Sound Healer, Atlanta, GA

We kicked off this incredible experience on Thursday February 2nd, 2023 (and officially close the doors of enrollment for the year on 3/1), and during our 11 month journey, we’ll cycle along with Wheel of the Year – the ancient annual cycle of seasonal festivals of the sun.

We’ll gather together IN PERSON on the Spring & Fall Equinoxes, the Summer & Winter Solstices and the cross-quarter festivals in between – aligning our passion projects, businesses, workdays and the way we’re leading our lives, with the cycles of the seasons.

When I started working more intentionally with the Wheel of the Year, the experience was SO profound that I knew I had to create a circle for women to share this ancient wisdom that had been passed down to me from my mentors and ancestors.

I began to heal my BODY and SOUL on a deep physiological level. My business began to flow and flourish in ways I never thought possible. I began to honor the phase of life I was in, and experience less resistance to the darker months.

I started experiencing more JOY, PLEASURE, FREEDOM, SELF-CONFIDENCE and CONNECTION in my personal life, relationships and in my business.

And I felt empowered, and most importantly, I felt like MYSELF again.

This is my wish for you too – especially after collectively navigating these past few particularly trying years of the pandemic. <3

This supportive circle is all about showing up for ourselves, our families and our extended communities in a different way in 2023. In a strong and sustainable way…a way that balances the masculine and feminine, and leaves us feeling replenished, rather than burned out and frazzled.


During our 7 LUXURIOUS half-day seasonal self-care retreats (one of which is 2 spacious days during the celebratory season of the Autumn Equinox), we’ll gather together IN PERSON at my retreat space on 22 beautiful acres of expansive land in Petaluma, CA.

Our restorative retreats are scheduled from 4-9pm PST, and through meditation, intention setting, mindful movement, healing sound, journaling and discussion, and earth-based ritual, we’ll collectively release what’s not working in our lives, and move closer towards our aligned visions.

In between our in-person retreat gatherings, we’ll offer a 60-minute online mini retreat session featuring breath work, meditation, and gentle yoga – led by ABC Virtual Retreat Assistant Rani MacNeal. This restorative lunchtime session will build upon the seasonal theme we’ve been working with – where we’ll prioritize REST and stay connected with our seasonal dreams, visions and intentions.

We’ll also be meeting up as a group for 3 FUN optional offsite gatherings this year – an olive oil & wine tasting at my local winery, McEvoy Ranch, a guided hike to the pond + picnic lunch at our local 500 acre CSA, Open Field Farm, and a clothing swap & dance party at VIBE Gallery, all here in Petaluma…yes please!

Lastly, on each Full and New Moon throughout the year, you’ll receive a sweet message in your inbox to remind you of the current moon energy and our favorite resources to inspire you to create your own at-home rituals on those sacred days. You’ll also receive a beautiful digital moon calendar created specifically for the Soulstice Sisterhood to help you connect more intentionally during the month.

What To Expect: The 5 Core Elements of the Soulstice Sisterhood

Below are the main themes that we'll be cycling with during this yearlong immersion. Get ready to feel empowered, embodied, impactful and fully ALIVE in 2023!
  • Express Yourself Creatively

    Through dance, song, creative ritual and play, you'll release stuck energy, fear, and doubt so that you can lead with embodied confidence in the coming year ahead.
  • Replenish your Cup

    Through slowing down, prioritizing radical self-care, and focusing on seasonal nourishment, you'll come back to center, regain balance, and feel aligned and anchored in your mission, instead of stressed and frazzled.
  • Heal Through Mama Nature

    Through working closely with the seasons and cycles of nature, and cycling your business and they way you're leading your life up with the rhythms of the natural world, you'll experience less resistance and more flow, and cultivate a deeper sense of joy, presence and appreciation for the mystery that unfolds.
  • Strengthen your Spirituality

    Through meditation, ritual and sacred ceremony, you'll release deeper layers of fear and self-doubt, and feel a deep belief in your ability to do the mission-driven work you've been called to do in this world.
  • Connection In Community

    Through allowing yourself to be held by a sacred and supportive circle of heart-centered womxn, you'll release any feelings of isolation and separation, and experience the kind of soul healing that can only be shared through supportive sisterhood.
  • When I began the Soulstice Sisterhood I was able to identify where energy and emotion was stuck in my body, and through movement, ritual and sound healing, was able to release this energy and transform my life while supported in a beautiful circle of strong, compassionate women. Becoming aware of seasonal fluctuations in my energy and emotions, both in my personal life, my business, and the lives of my clients enabled me to weather changes with more grace, balance and forward momentum. I’ve been able to rest more easily in times of introspection, and to better harness seasons of growth and productivity in my personal life and business.

    Alison Harris

    Singer/Songwriter, Sebastopol, CA

  • Being more intentional and aware of the seasons helped give me context for a lot that I was dealing with in my life and business that might have taken me a lot longer to figure out otherwise. I was able to ride the waves of my life with more ease, and the ritual and embodiment practices really helped ground me throughout the year. I love that we did different things at each gathering (create, journal, dance, breathe, etc) and ended with a yummy, nourishing meal. I loved this program!!!

    Julia Wells

    Business Coach, Oakland, CA

  • At first, I wasn’t sure about committing to a full yearlong program, but as a result I feel I have created deep bonds with my sisters and I have been seen and heard. I take comfort in having a sacred container that is rooted in ritual and collectiveness. I feel as a result of this program that I am more confident. I see what is possible for me. I see what is available beyond the status quo. I try things on. I call in abundance. I am inspired.

    I have loooooved each and every one of our guest mentors, the chakra dancing, having consistent rituals, songs, prayers, invocations and space to share at every gathering. You are a powerful leader with a strong presence, Ashley. Thank you!

    Lorraine Perez

    Yoga and Spanish Teacher, Santa Rosa, CA


  • 7 In Person Seasonal Evening Retreats at my Petaluma Based Retreat Space. On the Equinoxes, Solstices and Cross-Quarter Festivals - we'll gather as a strong sisterhood for a 5 hour experiential retreat at my Sonoma County retreat space (and a luxurious 2-day retreat on the Autumn Equinox). Through meditation, mindful movement, healing sound, journaling, seasonal nutrition & herbalism, earth-based ritual and working closely with nature, you’ll heal your body, and create more joy, meaning and intention in your life. Each in person retreat will offer a seasonal farm-to-table feast, featuring local ingredients and paired with local wines. Get ready to be nourished, revitalized and to make strong connections with your soul sisters!
  • 6 Virtual Lunchtime Mini Retreat Restoration Sessions via Zoom. In between our in-person retreat gatherings, we'll offer a 60-minute online mini retreat session featuring breath work, meditation, and gentle yoga - led by ABC Virtual Retreat Assistant Rani MacNeal. This restorative lunchtime session will build upon the seasonal theme we've been working with - where we'll prioritize REST and stay connected with our seasonal dreams, visions and intentions.
  • 3 Super Fun Seasonal Offsite Meet Ups With Our Group. These will include a Wine & Olive Oil Tasting at McEvoy Ranch, Hike & Picnic at 500 Acre CSA Open Field Farm, and Clothing Swap and Dance Party at VIBE Gallery in Petaluma to deepen the connections and extend the fun!
  • Handmade Gifts and Goodies. Throughout our time together you'll receive nourishing gifts to ground you into our work, and to add to your self-care regime and your at home altar…think crystals, herbal incense bundles, joufrnals, herbal teas, healthy sweet treats, etc...I love gifting!
  • New and Full Moon Downloads + 2023 Moon Calendar. Throughout the year, you’ll receive a sweet message in your inbox to remind you of the current moon energy and our favorite resources to inspire you to create your own at-home rituals on those sacred days. You’ll also receive a beautiful digital moon calendar created specifically for the Soulstice Sisterhood to help you connect more intentionally during the month.
  • The Soulstice Sisterhood Online Forum on Mighty Networks. This is where our conscious community will gather to offer and receive support. This is a safe and sacred space to deepen relationships, share insights, ask questions and dream up collaborations, and the relationships that are built here will last a lifetime.
  • Recordings of Virtual Mini Retreats Calls. While it's best to clear your schedule to attend these virtual gatherings LIVE, all lunchtime mini retreat sessions will be recorded for your convenience.
  • PDF Handouts Recapping our In Person Ritual Retreats. You’ll receive beautiful PDF Handouts recapping the rituals we engage in during our 4 Solstice & Equinox Gatherings and 4 Cross-Quarter Retreat Gatherings so that you can easily recreate these rituals for yourself and the community you serve.
  • MY BONUS GIFT TO YOU: My Past Library Of Women’s Business & Leadership Programming. I’ve developed a robust curriculum of online trainings, conferences and resources. You will have access to recorded training calls from my Uninhibited Mastermind Program, Uninhibited Leadership Program and 25 inspirational interviews from the Uninhibited Women Leadership Conference...a immensely valuable resource worth more than the investment of the entire year long experience.

Since I started leading groups 20 years ago, I’ve guided and coached thousands of women across the globe in creating more seasonally aligned, feminine forward business models and daily workflows – resulting in them working less, making more money and creating more joy, meaning and abundance in their lives.

I’m here as your space holder to create the most supportive and nourishing environment for you to let down your guard, soothe your soul, dream bigger and connect deeply with authenticity, vulnerability and love with the other women in the group.

Through this work, you will experience more clarity, confidence, inspiration, alignment and pleasure in your daily…

And we keep it real – we laugh, we cry, we dance, we drink (both tea and wine from time to time!), and we have a freaking blast while going deep.


Along with my, Monica, and Rani’s support, you’ll receive guidance by some of the wisest mentors in the fields of feminine leadership, radical self-care, earth-based ritual, seasonal nutrition and seasonal herbalism.

Many of these women are my personal mentors and are here for you to deepen your spiritual journey and expand your personal growth.

Below is a line up of some of our past guests…we’re still finalizing our 2023 guest teachers – it’s going to be an incredible community of change-makers so stay tuned!

  • ABC Founder & CEO, Women's Business & Leadership Coach + Circle Facilitator

    Ashley Burnett

  • ABC In Person Retreat Assistant & Resident NLP Coach

    Monica Lucero

  • ABC Community Care Coordinator & Virtual Retreat Assistant

    Rani MacNeal

  • Soulstice Sisterhood 2023 Sound Healer

    Karla Bravo


  • Natalie Holbrook

    In House Astrologer

  • Dr. Deb Kern

    Leader on Embodying the Divine Feminine

  • Jedaya Barboza

    Womb Wisdom Guide

  • Rani MacNeal

    Rituals and Ceremonies for Groups

  • Riyana Rose Sang

    Seasonal Herbal Counselor

  • Nina Grae

    Sound Healer

  • Joanna Lindenbaum

    Shadow Work Facilitator

  • Queen Hollins

    Earth Steward Facilitator

  • Danielle Hall

    Sound Healer

  • Venessa Rodriguez

    Functional & Seasonal Nutritionist

  • Laura Thompson Brady

    Moon & Body Cycles Facilitator

  • Krystal Brandt

    Self Love Ceremonialist

This Intimate Circle Is Aligned For You If You’re Ready To:

  • Experience heightened abundance, pleasure, passion, fun and freedom in your personal life, passion projects or business in 2023.
  • Feel creatively inspired, and that you're living out your life fully aligned and connected with your purpose.
  • Strengthen your connection to nature, ritual, ceremony and divine feminine practices.
  • Integrate ritual and ceremonial work into your teaching, space-holding or coaching curriculum.
  • Stand confidently in your power as a woman, fully claim your self worth and embody your full radiance.
  • Give yourself the gift of healing yourself on deep soul level.
  • Move through any residual fears, doubts and limiting beliefs holding you back in your life or business.
  • Be supported in a sacred circle of women who accept you just as you are.

This Experience Is Not For You If:

  • You’re uninterested in unlocking the blocks that are keeping you in a place of playing smaller than you’d like in your life.
  • You find yourself complaining rather than rolling up your sleeves and taking action towards your dreams.
  • You aren’t interested in being part a supportive and engaged circle of heart-centered women.
  • You’re not willing and able to commit FULLY to your own personal growth and take decisive action towards your dreams.

About Ashley

Women’s leadership coach, dancer, women’s circle + retreat facilitator and earth-based ritualist, Ashley Burnett is committed to helping change-making entrepreneurs and leaders align their core-values with their vision, become more impactful leaders, and embody their missions in life, with confidence. Ashley has been teaching, leading groups and running her business for 20 years. She’s facilitated hundreds of classes, workshops, events and retreats, and led thousands around the globe in expanding their businesses and igniting their leadership. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband David and sweet babe Quintin, and has the honor of running her retreats at her workshop space on 22 acres of expansive land. Visit to learn more.